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How it simply works

1. We ask you how was your day

It takes less than 5 mins to clear your mind through concised and customised question about your day.

2. Get insightful dashboard

Turn you daily journals into insightful dashboard, charts and meaningful action items.

Why Journaling?


Keep track of your achievements

For performance evaluations or an annual review. To set your personal and professional goals for the next year. Tracking the progress of projects you’re working on.


Be more productive

Taking notes will help you improve the quality of your work. It can help you stay on track and do the things you need to do rather than put them off for “tomorrow”.


Articulate your thoughts

Note-taking allows you to better remember the stuff you read. This is because the effort required to take notes helps form new pathways in the brain and encode the information in a way that stores it better in your long-term memory.


Keep track of your mental health

If you're someone who experiences fluctuating moods or certain factors like sleep have a big impact on your mental health, you might benefit from using a tracker. Some people find that tracking factors like mood and behaviour can give them more control over managing their mental health.

Developers love it


"Devjour helped me to keep track of my thoughts and organize my feedbacks. It's a great tool to help me to be more productive."

Mo Sattar

Senior Mobile Developer


"Taking notes using Devjour was a breeze. It is my main tool to keep my notes and thoughts."

Ismail Cherri

Senior Frontend Developer

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