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Guided Journal for
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A journaling habit can help you track your mental health and boost your productivity

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Why Devjour?

Track Mental health

It's easy to keep track of your feelings and thoughts by jotting them down in a few minutes through guided journaling

Productivity Level Journal

Identify the highs and lows of your productivity to increase your productivity to the maximum through the guided journal

Your Journals are Encrypted and Secured

Your emotions, words, and actions are encrypted. Devjour provides a safe guided journal environment for you to journal openly.

How it simply works

1. We ask you how was your day

The app has a lot of question that are easy to answer. The whole process takes less than 5 minutes. You will feel energized and ready to take on the day.

2. Get insightful dashboard

By reviewing your daily journals and insights, you can identify the positive trends and negative trends to make better decisions.

Developers love it


"Devjour helped me to keep track of my thoughts and organize my feedback. It's a great tool to help me to be more productive."

Mo Sattar

Senior Mobile Developer


"Taking notes using Devjour was a breeze. It is my main tool to keep my notes and thoughts."

Ismail Cherri

Senior Frontend Developer

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